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I am proud to be a contributing member of  Paws for Oz.  Paws for Oz is a collection of international pet photographers fundraising for Wildlife Victoria in the wake of the devastating wildfires in Australia. By joining forces we hope to raise be able to increase the amount of money that the pet photography community will donate – together, we can make a more significant difference.

Help Wildlife Victoria

Receive a Complimentary Photography Session and print ! *

Do you love animals? Do you ever feel like there is so much destruction and pain in the world that you feel helpless? Well, you are not helpless! By joining forces and making a donation to the professionals at Wildlife Victoria we can make a difference!

All donations go directly to established rescue Wildlife Victoria, to help with rescue and rehabilitation of koalas, wombats, kangaroos, dingoes, kookaburras and many more species.

3 Easy Steps to receive an amazing photography session and help wildlife in need:

#1. Make a $50 (AUD) donation to Wildlife Victoria by using this link: Donate Here (Note: $50 Australian is approximately $35 U.S).

#2. Email your  receipt to me (Doug) with your Name and Contact info and I will in turn call/email you back to schedule your session. email me your receipt  doug@pawscausepetphotography.com or call (530) 592-0330

#3. Share with your friends and family! 

--Are you an Organizer/Member of a Meetup Group? Have everyone donate and then call me in to photograph everyone who donated at one Giant Photography Meetup!

--Do you celebrate your dogs birthday? Have all attendees donate and then schedule a Pawsome party where everyone will get their photos taken!

--Have friends and family who would like to participate? Have them donate and then schedule me to come in and have fun photographing everyone at the same location.

(Please contact me prior to scheduling any events to ensure I am available)



What is Paws for Oz

In response to the catastrophic devastation to wildlife in Australia due to unprecedented widespread fires, Karen Black of Indigo Pet Photography, based in Canada, was inspired to create a fundraising initiative aptly named Paws for Oz. Driven by an immense love of animals, Karen’s plan is to bring together as many pet photographers from around the world as possible to participate in an international fundraising effort. Through the combined efforts of many we can raise far more than on our own. Your $50 (or more) donation will assist in the rescue and care of injured and displaced animals including koalas, wombats, bandicoots, bilbies, bats, possums, dingoes, kangaroos and other threatened native wildlife.

About Wildlife Victoria

Wildlife Victoria has provided the community with a Wildlife Emergency Response service for 30 years. Every year thousands of native animals in Victoria become sick, injured or orphaned, often as a direct result of human activity. If left unassisted, these animals may suffer and die in pain or of starvation. Our Wildlife Emergency Response Service receives notifications from members of the public via our emergency phone and online reporting system. We receive about 80,000 requests for help a year and help over 50,000 animals. When a member of the public contacts us about a sick, injured or orphaned animal, our Emergency Response Operators provide advice to help the caller manage the situation appropriately, and when necessary, arranges for a trained volunteer to attend. They also liaise with other organisations to ensure the best possible outcome for the animal. The rescue service relies on an extensive state-wide network of rescue and transport volunteers, veterinarians who provide pro-bono services for wildlife, and the licenced carers and shelters who accept animals into their care for rehabilitation and release. In addition to the rescue service, through our education programs and activities we help wildlife by providing people with the knowledge and skills they need for peaceful and positive co-existence with wildlife, and by facilitating positive community attitudes toward wildlife. We advocate for wildlife whenever their welfare is under threat or compromised. We support efforts by government, community groups and individuals to ameliorate threats to wildlife, particularly those that are caused by humans.


Funds are desperately needed now, however, living in Northern California we all know that "Now" is not the perfect time for outdoor weather dependent events.  Therefore, I am asking that you donate now, and then schedule a time this Spring when it will be the most opportune time for some amazing pet portraits!

Your receipt will not expire and I will honor it any time that works for both of us.

What do I get for a $50 AUD donation?

($50 Australian converts to approximately $35 U.S)

You will receive a complimentary session and 11x14 print with 2 matching digital social media digital files. 1 with no logo and 1 with a "I donated to Paws for Oz" logo.

*Additional photos/gifts will be available at reduced prices.

Where do the sessions take place?

Sessions will take place at a mutually agreed upon location that we can discuss when you schedule your session.  Do you have a beautiful yard? A park near you that your dog is used to and loves going to? A friend/family members beautiful house? Don't mind traveling a little? Then feel free to come to the beautiful town of Foresthill and I will take you to some of my favorite spots for some amazing photographs of your fury friend.


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